And it’s not a nice story.  Have a look at it. What do you think? It’s soft / warm / hard / patterned / plain / blue / beige …… But a place where monsters hide?? Well, they’re here. And they love it. The dust mites, the fleas, and the bed bugs. You can’t see them. But they’re there. Little monsters, but monsters nevertheless.

I would hazard a guess that you clean up your house from time to time. The carpet gets a quick go-over with the sweeper, which picks up the surface dirt and litter that seems to magically appear when you have little children.

However, every day we shed skin cells and hair, not in huge quantities and it’s hard to notice. Except when the sun shines in and highlights the dust in the air. Have you seen that? That’s your dust – your own skin cells. And all that dust settles on your carpet, and can fall into the pile, right down to the base of the carpet.

And of course that is what dust mites, bed bugs and fleas love to feast on. Yeeww!

A dust mite is an extremely tiny creature. Mama dust mites are able to multiply at a great rate. We are told that they leave their excrement in the carpet, and they are very prolific in that activity. Now I agree, a tiny creature doesn’t make a lot of excrement, but multiply one tiny creature by hundreds … thousands …..

So, go and get out the vacuum cleaner. Do a thorough job, as best as you can. But I have to tell you that vacuuming alone is not able to rid the carpet of all of the little critters lurking therein, together with their food sources and their waste products. The carpet pile is shielding them, to an extent. They can shelter down at the base of the carpet, and the vacuum doesn’t reach them.

I hope I haven’t alarmed you too greatly, but the story needs to be told. To deal with the problem, there is something you can do. I would recommend that a regular, proper, fully fledged carpet shampoo is a must. There are shampoo machines, and there are shampoo machines …. Some decidedly more efficient than others. The best, most powerful, machines are the ones that the professionals use. They can’t be hired at the supermarket, because they need a trained operator, a person who knows exactly how to do the job, what buttons to push, and what solutions are required for each particular type of floor covering. These super-machines, such as the ones Cairns carpet cleaning companies use, thoroughly clean the carpet, causing the contaminants to come loose, and then all is vacuumed away using another super-machine, to leave the carpets smelling fresh and squeaky clean, and you with a smile on your face.