When getting your house ready to sell, sometimes the small details can get overlooked because the big details overshadow them. You decide to renovate the kitchen because it looks a bit run down and you think a new kitchen can greatly increase your sell price. You get someone in to repaint your interior and exterior walls, you fix up the back fence, you knock down a wall because you want to create an ‘open plan’. These are all things you are doing to increase the sale of your house.

Do you know that a lot of that might come to naught if you overlook one tiny, seemingly insignificant thing: clean carpets.

We’ll tell you a few reasons why getting your carpets cleaned could be one of the most important things you can do.

People Make First Impressions Very Quickly

There’ve been studies on how long people take to make first impressions of other people, and some say that most people make their first impressions of other people in less than one second. Others researchers studied how long it took to arrive to first impressions regarding property, and their research put that number at under 30 seconds. While those are surprising numbers, what became more surprising was what happened after those first impressions. Given more exposure to a person or the property, people weren’t inclined to change their first impressions; instead, people used that extra time to reconfirm their initial judgements, rather than remain open-minded to the possibility that their first judgements were wrong.

When a potential buyer enters your home, one of the first things they see is your carpets. Do you want to give them the first impression of a clean, sparkling, fresh home, rather than a dingy, dirty, dusty, dank dungeon? Then clean your carpets.

Your house has a smell. It smells of you. That may not be a good thing.

A bigger factor on first impressions than even sight … is smell. When a prospective buyers opens the door, the first thing they will likely encounter, even before the sight of your carpets, is the smell of your house. Sometimes smell can hit with the force of a heavy weight boxer.

You may not even notice it, but that’s because you’re used to it. You’ve lived with it every day, but someone entering the room for the first time has come from their own world of smells, and now they’re coming to your world.

And the smell doesn’t have to be of something bad. It could be just your deodorant, or your shampoo. But it’s a smell that says to the prospective buyer, ‘Someone already lives here, and that someone isn’t you.’

But cleaning your carpets introduces a new smell, a smell that covers over the smell of you with the smell of freshness. A prospective buyer coming in to your house, being hit with the smell of freshly shampooed carpets are no longer thinking that they don’t belong in this house; they are thinking positively about what is to come. Their first impression is positive, and as we have seen, people, once they have a first impression, often double down on it to prove to themselves their initial judgement was correct.

Real Estate Agents do it. Why not you?

When a tenant leaves a house, they are usually told by their real estate agents to clean their carpets. So … if someone whose job it is to see homes and to bring in renters to live in homes tells people that are leaving to clean their carpets, doesn’t that seem good advice to people like us?

Bringing in the professional carpet cleaners may seem, at first, to be an annoying extra payment that you have to make, but it could easily be the difference between a sale and not.