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Thinking of cleaning out your gutters yourself? Beware!

Gutters can become blocked with all manner of stuff; usually it is vegetation and dirt, but sometimes they can become blocked with wasp or bee hives, dead birds and animals, tree branches and the like. Sometimes it’s difficult to determine whether or not your gutters are blocked. From you angle on the ground, you can’t see inside the gutters themselves. But other times, it is a lot easier. Water overflows the gutters in even normal rain showers, or there are plants and grass actually growing out of the gutters.

Whatever reasons might cause you to suspect your gutter is blocked, you might decide that it is time to give the gutter a good, old fashioned, cleanout. You also might decide that you should just do it yourself. It will save you money, and really, how hard can it be? You just climb a ladder, and dig around in the gutters a bit.

That is where we say, whoa, hold you horses. Perhaps gutter cleaning is not as safe and easy as you think, and perhaps it is best to leave the gutter cleaning to the professionals. Here are some reasons why you might reconsider doing the gutter cleaning yourself:

Working at heights is dangerous if you’re not used to it.

It only takes one wrong movement, one moment of lapsed concentration, and before you realise it, you’ve overbalanced and taken a fall. Cleaning gutters requires you to get off the ground, sometimes it might only be a few feet, sometimes it might be a few metres. But even a fall from a few feet can cause you a serious injury, if you land badly, and a fall from a few metres can easily be fatal.

Professional gutter cleaners are used to working at heights. It is their job, it is what they are trained to do, and sometimes it just makes sense to let the professionals do what they are trained to do.

Working from ladders is dangerous if you’re not used to them.

You look at ladders, and they look easy enough to climb. They have footholds, handholds, everything you need.

But things are different when you are at the other end of the ladder, when you’re high in the air, and your only means of support is the ladder on which you stand.

So, first thing you need to do is look at your ladder. Is it really something you would trust your life with. Is it old and rusty? Is it even tall enough? Is the base secure enough?

Now, look at the land on which the base will be placed? Is it level? Is it bumpy? Might the ladder move while you are climbing it?

Now, look at where you are going to place the ladder? When cleaning a gutter, the most obvious structure that you will place the ladder against is the gutter itself. But the thing about cleaning blocked gutters is the fact that you are cleaning a gutter that is blocked. By this, we mean, this is a gutter that is being blocked with vegetation and mud and all manner of stuff. By the very nature of the fact that it is blocked, water has probably not been able to flow down the drain, therefore the blocked will likely be water-sodden. Water is heavy, and drains are not designed to support heavy weights for long periods of time.

The water laden blockage could be causing your gutters to sag and come loose from the roof. And now you want to place a ladder against it and risk your life and well-being on something that might be compromised?

Unless you really know what you are doing, or you are a professional, these are just a few more reasons why you shouldn’t do the cleaning yourself.

What’s in the gutters might be dangerous.

You don’t know what’s in your gutters. The vegetation and dirt that is blocking your gutters are very inviting to all manner of animals, such as snakes and vermin. Standing pools of water attract disease carrying mosquitos. Birds like gutters as well, and the gutters could be full of bird poop. The likelihood is that there are many things in that gutter that you don’t want to put your hands anywhere near.

So, just leave it up to the professionals, like Perth gutter cleaning.

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What are the differences between Soft Washing and Pressure Washing?

When you decide to wash your house, your roof, your driveway, your decks or patios, or any other exterior surface, you may think that a hose and a scrubbing brush might just do the trick. After a few hours of back breaking work , when you’ve noticed that all that you’ve got from that time are blisters, sore back and arms, ruined knees and a surface just as dirty as before, you might then decide you need to up your game. You need to bring in the big guns. You need a pressure cleaner.

Pressure washing – often called pressure cleaning, or power washing – uses jets of water at such high pressure that each individual droplet of water hits the surface at such force that they become like thousands of miniature pick-axes breaking up the dirt and grime and whatever else there may be, leaving behind a clean surface.

But what about the Soft Wash process? How does that compare to Pressure Washing?

A lot of the difference is in the name.

If pressure washing uses high-pressure to fulfil its desired effect, then soft-washing is, as the name might suggest, a bit softer. A lot of the equipment might stay the say, but the pressure of the water is greatly reduced, and instead of the water jets pulverising the dirt and contaminants into submission, cleaning solutions are used to break down the contaminants. These cleaning solutions are, naturally, designed to be entirely friendly to the environment.

So, why use Soft Wash over Pressure Washing?

There are certain situations when a ‘shock-and-awe’ situation is required to clean your surfaces, and then there are times when finesse is required.

Pressure washing is great for those surfaces that can handle the brute force approach to cleaning. Things such as brick, concrete,  pavers and stone in particular, are surfaces that are great for Pressure Washing.

However, other surfaces that are bit softer, might get damaged by the power of pressure washing. Wooden fences, wooden decks, your roof, your house sidings, tiles, asphalt shingles, stucco; these are just some of the surfaces that might be damaged by a pressure wash.

What about health benefits?

The chemicals used in the soft wash process not only breaks down dirt, it also kills algae, bacteria, fungus and all manner of things that might cause health issues amongst people. A soft wash process is particularly great to use on exterior surfaces that are covered in moss, mould and grime.

Can I Do Pressure Washing or Soft Wash myself?

You can rent pressure washers and perform a pressure washing yourself, but the results you get will not be as good as the results that a professional pressure washing company will get. Pressure Washers working at the kind of high pressure required to do a serviceable job are dangerous. The water pressure is so high, the water emitted can cause you serious injury. Even if you manage not to cut your fingers or toes down to the bone, it is very easy to do a poor job at pressure cleaning. For the washing to present a great looking clean, you need to wash the area uniformly. Often, amateur washing jobs leave behind streaks that make the dirt even more noticeable than before.

In regards to the soft wash process, you really need a professional, like Baton Rogue pressure washing to handle that. The soft wash process requires the proper chemicals in the proper ratios to ensure the perfect cleaning solution.

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